Mustang News offers a wide variety of special edition publications distributed throughout the year.


The annual Week of Welcome paper is the biggest and one of the most popular papers of the year.

Back to school

Capture the attention of the entire student body, faculty and staff the first week back on campus. Publishes three times a year.

Menu Guide

Published once a year and distributed throughout the year, the Mustang News Menu Guide is the go-to source for promoting your eatery or bar.

Best for Cal Poly

Students vote for their favorite local businesses during winter quarter. The results are published in the annual Best for Cal Poly, the most popular publication of the year.

Career Fair

If your business is attending the career fair, be sure to publicize your organization ahead of time in the career fair edition.


This edition is handed out during homecoming weekend and seen by thousands of Cal Poly supporters. 


Be a steward of the community and remind students to drink responsibly during Halloween and Memorial Day weekend.


Printed twice a year, the graduation edition shows community support for the graduating class.

Housing Fair

Promote your business as students prepare to live off-campus. The annual housing fair edition is coupled with Housing Fair, the second of two on-campus promotional events.

Open House

New students and parents are on campus during this fun-filled weekend. Promote your business and be their first choice while they venture off campus.

Coupon Book

The coupon book is hand-crafted for students and coupled with SLO Fest, one of the only on-campus events that promotes local businesses directly to students.


This edition is handed out to all participants during the six weeks of SOAR registration. The magazine is geared towards parents and new students.


Mustang News teams up with University Housing to publish this one-of-a-kind, home-delivered edition of the paper, sent to the home address of each incoming Cal Poly student.