Advertising Consultants vs. Sales Representatives

At MN Business we refer to our ad sales representatives as Advertising Consultants.  


Simple. Unlike any other sales person out there, we know the student market best. We are your MARKET! Some of us live on-campus and some live off-campus. We are involved in student groups, organizations, sports, clubs, greek life and so on. It is us, our friends and our peers that your business wants and needs to see the returns every business owner imagines. We can provide the insight and solutions necessary to promote your message on a multitude of platforms, which include print, digital, mobile, social and radio. 

The Sales Team  - Consists of one Advertising Manager, about 10 off-campus advertising consultants, one on-campus advertising consultant, one business analyst, and anywhere from two-three sales interns.  The students that make up the sales team are interdisciplinary.  Their majors range from: Business Finance, Business Marketing, Ag-Business, Communications, Psychology, and Biology, just to name a few.  All majors are welcome to apply.  

Learn by Doing Experience =  Members of the sales team learn the fundamentals of marketing and sales. They are responsible for managing and servicing accounts in their assigned territory, while building and maintaining relationships with hundreds of local businesses.  The Ad Manager works with the sales team to develop S.M.A.R.T.* goals each month.  These goals pertain to sales, personal and team goals.  The sales team works hand-in-hand with the design and marketing team to develop creative content and marketing ideas for small businesses without internal marketing personnel. * {Specific. Measurable. Attainable. Realistic. Timely}

Services We Provide

  • Student Market Consulting 
  • Advertising Campaign Development
  • Multimedia Promotions

For more information regarding any of the services we offer, please feel free to e-mail: